Is the RiverSpot flashlight waterproof?

The RiverSpot is rated IPX7. It is designed to withstand contact with water. Prolonged submersion could result in water seepage. Real world results - we have had some submerged in lodged hulls for prolonged periods with no water seepage, and we've seen some come in the from the bay with a little water in the reflector. We make every attempt to seal them as best as possible with quality O-rings and thread grease.

What kind of batteries does it take?

The lights accepts 12V-18V inputs. The battery packs sold by RiverSpots.com accept 10AA batteries. For longer life and lighter weight, I highly recommend Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. For training runs, regular AA batteries are sufficient. Energizer Lithium's are expensive and for that reason we generally only use them during a race. Lithium batteries run at a slightly higher voltage and will result in a brighter and longer lasting light.

How long does it last?

1 battery pack will safely get you through an entire night. They can last up to 10 hours, but changing batteries during a race when it's dark out is more difficult and time consuming than using a fresh pack. We recommend planning for 1 batttery pack per night.

How many battery packs do I need?

This will depend on how many nights you plan to paddle. If you are not racing, you can keep changing batteries in the pack. If you are racing, we recommend having enough packs to use 1 per night, each of them already loaded with fresh batteries.

How many lumens is the RiverSpot?

The RiverSpot is approximately 380 lumens.

What is the color temperature of the RiverSpot?

Color temperature is around 5000K, generally referred to as a nuetral white. Cool whites have a tendency to put a blue tint on the river and can make shadows and objects difficult to identify. Similarly, a warm white will cast a yellow shadow, which can also lead to difficulty identifying objects in the river. We've found the nuetral white to have the best beam for viewing obstacles in and above the river within a 30 foot range.

Are the battery packs waterproof?

No. The battery packs aren't waterproof, but they don't need to be waterproof. The trouble with trying to waterproof a pack is that you'll eventually get water in there, at which point it's trapped. The voltage is low enough that wet battery packs are not an issue. Also note that salt water is a very good conductor of electricity. It is also very corrosive, so your battery pack life will be drastically reduced when in contact with salt water.

How do I mount my RiverSpot?

There are many options for mounting your light. Below are some suggestions to generate ideas for mounting. RAM Ram 1" ball composite base: RAP-B-202 Desired length double socket arm (example: RAM-B-201U) Desired flashlight attachment (examples: RAM-B-408-75-1U, RAP-B-231U) Pro's: Lightweight, easy to install, easy to adjust light beam, will give way when encountering object Con's: Making sure light is adjusted properly on the fly, parts to break, must be manually moved back into position if object moves it (tree branch, etc...) during usage, base is mounted permanently to hull, more costly than others Closed Cell Foam Pro's: Cost effective, easy to move from one boat to another, no permanent modifications, no parts to break or rust, will give way when encountering object Con's: Difficuly to adjust direction of beam, not the cleanest look Bike Mounts (for hulls with thwarts for easy mounting, or to be mounted to PVC pipe run horizontally across hull): Pro's: Inexpensive, easy, adjustable, clean look Con's: Parts to potentially malfunction or break, may or may not give way when encountering object Other options Cooler handle Combo Ram Mount / Foam

Does the light have an on/off switch?

No. This is by design. More options means more opportunity for failure - we've seen it happen. RiverSpot turns on when you plug it in, and turns off when you unplug it. We stock 2 pin extension cords for this reason, so that the paddler can mount the battery pack away from the light, and reach the plug (on/off) from their seat.

How and where do I mount my battery pack?

You should mount your battery packs somewhere in the hull where they won't be submerged in water. Never mount them on the bottom of the hull. We recommend mounting them on the side of the hull, at least a couple of inches off the bottom. It's ok if they get wet, you just don't want them sitting in water. Some people also mount them under the seat. We've seen some creative options here. Anything is fine, just keep it up off the bottom of the boat and out of standing water. We recommend using velcro or closed cell foam to mount your battery pack. If you use closed cell foam, be sure to put holes in the bottom to allow water to drain out.